How to Setup the LIVE Leads Conversion Snippet/Tag

This article walks you through how to capture transactions on your website.

The conversion snippet/tag allows you to capture transactions on your website, such as: sales, information forms, downloads, and more.

There are 5 standard fields:

  • ConvName: Conversion Name (Required)
  • ConvDesc: Conversion Description
  • ConvSubTotal: Conversion SubTotal
  • ConvTax: Conversion Tax
  • ConvTotal: Conversion Total

How to Setup the LIVE Leads Conversion Snippet/Tag

  1. Login to your LIVE Leads platform and select Conversions.
  2. Click the Conversion Setup tab.
  3. Highlight and copy the conversion snippet/tag.
  4. Paste the conversion snippet/tag within the conversion page (usually a thank-you or receipt page) HTML below your regular LIVE Leads tracking tag.

Important Notes:

  • ConvName is required, all other fields are optional. Do not remove any variables that are not needed, simply leave them blank.
  • This snippet will auto-detect SSL and non-SSL pages.

Optional: Conversion Misc Field Naming

You can also pass up to 5 additional custom fields of information.

  1. Click Conversion Preferences.
  2. Name each of your custom fields.

  3. These names will now display in your conversion reports.