Manage User Permissions

This article walks you through how to add or delete users, reset passwords, and manage user access to daily emails, leads, and reporting areas.

Account holders can set up additional users to have access to specific pages in the reporting area, each with their own password and permissions.

Administrators control which reporting areas users have the ability to see.


How to Add A New User

  1. Login to your LIVE Leads platform.
  2. There are 2 areas to access User Permissions:
    • Select Settings and click the Permissions tab.
    • Or, select Leads and click Manage Users.
  3. Click Add New User to add a new user to your reporting area.
  4. The new user can then log-in using your domain and their assigned password.

Other Permissions

  • Log-in History - Shows when users have logged into the LIVE Leads platform, including date and time.
  • Send Password Setup - Gives a user access to your LIVE Leads account and provides a link to setup their password.
  • Username - The name the admin assigns shows in this field.
  • Status - Indicates whether the account is active or disabled.
  • Delete - Click the Delete icon to remove a user from the system. This action can not be reversed. If a user is deleted, they will need to be re-added.
  • Edit - Click the pencil icon to manage individual users permissions, such as:
    • Activating/Disabling a user's account
    • Changing their username, password, and email address
    • Managing daily web analytics email
    • Controlling which reporting areas users have the ability to see
    • Managing leads that will appear in the user's LIVE Leads reporting based on: territory, industry, revenue, employee range.